Manual Filling Machine 8" perfect for thicker skincare products and specialty foods

Regular price $495.00

The cylinder of this model is 8" diameter and the filling machine EASILY holds 1.5 gallons worth of product.  Please watch the YouTube video located on our home page. 

Perfect for thicker skincare products as well as specialty foods. Comes with three sizes of nozzles to accommodate thinner or thicker products and brushes to clean the nozzles.  The nozzle sizes are 3/4", 1/2" and 5/8".  Each nozzle comes with a cap to stop flow of very liquid products if you are called away or need to stop filling for any period of time. 

Please note:  the barrels are NOT DISHWASHER SAFE.  Please wash with warm, soapy water. Our filling machines are now FOOD GRADE.

The bottom plug and follower come equipped with a silicone o-ring.  Please view our YouTube video to see how the bottom plug pops out for cleaning.  The follower o-ring was recently added to avoid any product getting by the follower when pushing down and coming back above the follower. We have made this version of follower with an o-ring “wiper” to reduce the small gap that exists due to the barrels not being perfectly round. 


PLEASE NOTE: This follower o-ring MUST be lubricated prior to use.  Once in use, your product will keep the o-ring lubricated so that it doesn’t get damaged or have premature wear and will effectively act as a wiper. Replacement o-rings are available. Please call for pricing.